Skinny Pizza Story

In the beginning, there was a crackle...

It all started with our love for fresh produce and food that’s cooked simply but perfectly and packed full of flavour. Served with healthy lashings of greens. But do you think we could find a good salad bar in Singapore? And believe us, we tried. Everything felt and tasted limp. When all we wanted was food that’s made with gusto and lip-smacking goodness. So, we went back into our test kitchens and started cooking and experimenting. We started out with the lovely ‘crackling’ sound of something crunching in our mouth. Like the crust of hot roti prata and naan. Or the shattering of pappadums and the crispy thrill of crackers in yu sheng. Then we thought, let’s make a pizza base that has all these textures, and we’ll make it as thin as possible and

serve it up with healthy, yummy toppings. We just don’t like the uncomfortable feeling we get after eating a traditional pizza with its bready crust and heavy cheese. And then we decided to top it with all the lovely freshly cooked produce and flavours that had started us on this epic quest in the first place. Like freshly prepared tomato sauce. Juicy strips of meat. And prawns and squid that still tasted of the sea. When the first Skinny Pizza emerged piping hot from the oven and we took our first bite, we closed our eyes and sighed. Because we’d done it. We’d achieved the perfect low-carb mix of super-thin crisp pizza base and great tasting toppings. Today, the thin-ovative Skinny Pizza menu offers 21 (and counting) scrumptious varieties. We have our favourites – truffled mushroom, Mozzarella Bolognese, squid ink, and an awesome ginger butter chicken – but you should decide for yourself what makes you close your eyes and sigh.